Darkside of Debonair
The Bushmeat Trade
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The novel that exposes Africa's Dirty Secret.

Named "Book of the Month" August 2002 by Greenleaf Book club!

Red Barn Press is proud to announce that
DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR has been chosen as the

2002 Greenleaf Book Club – August Book of the Month

2003 Benjamin Franklin Award – Silver Medallion for Popular Fiction

2004 Rocky Mountain Readers – June Book of the Month

2005 Monterey Film Commission Screen Play - Finalist

2005 Best Little Pitchfest in Texas, “First Couple of Pages” – Finalist

***** 5 Star Rating by Independent Publishing Review
By Eric Dondero, Editor

ANNOUNCING: Darkside of Debonair will be available on audio disk and cassette fall

When a woman hires a professional hunter and trackers to find her father who has disappeared in Africa, the group becomes the prey of poachers.  

A young American woman is challenged to live up to a male standard of toughness when she hires a professional hunter and an arrogant Maasai tracker to help her find her terminally ill father and three other scientists who are studying chimpanzees and their connections with AIDS.

But the rescue mission quickly turns into a struggle for survival when their paths cross that of a cunningly brutal Frenchman and poaching gang who will not let anyone foul their bushmeat operation.

“… a thriller in an uncharted world…” – Writers Digest

“This is powerful, adrenaline-pumping story.” – Susan Tuggle, librarian

“If you like nature/wildlife, romance, spellbounding adventure and excitement, you are going to like this book a lot!” – Derek Ramsden, South Africa

“The central message of the utter tragedy of poaching primates is stunningly powerful. Davis has not only written a thoroughly enjoyable book, but one that has a message that every world citizen should hear…” – Independent Publishing Review

“It’s a very fascinating and well written screenplay.” “…exciting adventures and great themes and lessons.” “It is a great script.” – Slamdance Screenplay Competition